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Solid Rock Fitness

King Pro Golf has partnered with Solid Rock Fitness to provide clients with the ability to train not only your swing but also your body. Jason Gallagher owner of Sold Rock Fitness is a TPI certified fitness instructor located in Brentwood, CA. When clients work with both Zack King on their swing and Jason Gallagher on their body they will accelerate their progression in the game and reach your goals.



Solid Rock Fitness was founded in 2019 by Jason Gallagher. His personal training career began in 2012 at 24 hour fitness where he trained over 8,000 individual sessions and earned the status of Master Trainer. He specializes in training a wide variety of clients, ranging from absolute beginners to professional athletes. Jason offers both in-person training sessions as well as coaching over the phone. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Sold Rock Fitness Business Card
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